I've been going to Suite Retreat for years, and I can't imagine my life without them now. They helped me detox after weaning off over a decade of taking anti-depressants, and they helped me achieve normal blood results after I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease 3 years ago. 


Rose is incredible.  She puts you at ease and educates you in such an approachable manner.  She also accommodated me the same day and stayed later to make sure I was able to come in.  I plan on being a repeat client.


I received two services by Tammy - a colonic and ionic foot massage.  I didn't feel uneasy at all due to Tammy's calm and professional demeanor.  Tammy is very knowledgeable and helpful.  She took her time to explain everything she was doing at the time and gave me helpful tips on ways to change my diet to achieve my goals (weight loss, no longer feel fatigued...).  I have another appointment with Tammy this Friday for a colonic and am really looking forward to it.  I'm so happy to have found Suite Retreat and plan on being a regular here.  Definitely recommending this place to my loved ones.



I went here yesterday with my mom. It was our first time getting colonics ever so granted we were a little bit nervous. When you first walk in "B" opens the door (she is the receptionist with a great haircut). It's very calming and the environment is soothing. Tammy came out and greeted us. She told us about what would happen and assured us that we would be comfy. Tammy took care of my and Rose took care of me. They are both great and we will both be returning.



Tammy & Rose are amazing. Been going to this place for over a year now. I recommend it for absolutely anyone who has doubts about the process.



I highly recommend Suite Retreats services. Receiving a colonic isn't always the most pleasant experience, but I don't think they could have made it any more of a pleasant experience. Her knowledge of biology, anatomy, and diet was very comprehensive and intuitive. A lot of the times when you receive these types of services, they give you a treatment that is simply a quick fix or a band-aid. Here she was interested in assessing my diet, my habits, and gave me advice I can take with me to take care of and better my health outside of their offices. She was extremely positive, encouraging, and helped create the most pleasant experience. I also give the environment an A+, excellent feng shui and lovely music.


I have been seeing Rose and Tammy for over 3 years, I was so scared at first but they make you feel so comfortable they apply oils on your hands, belly, and feet. they are so compassionate. I have had many bad experiences with other places and Suite retreats is where i will always go, there price is reasonable and they are always on time, i love this place. plus I'm shocked when my session is over because we have such a great conversations during sessions I don't even realize I am getting a colonic.



Having gone to other places first, I cannot emphasis how much Tammy truly made this such a better experience for me. Yes we all have to go through it although the oils and foot massage are a plus to make you forget it all! Also, somehow her procedure is a lot less harsh on my tummy. Tammy's professionalism, passionand knowledge is what keeps me going back. I like the ambiance too and within my budget! Not only do I feel amazing after but I also get help with the type of foods I shouldnot eat food. Thank you Tam!



Tammyis a true professional and full of wisdom.  This is one of the most healing experiences I have had so far. I felt so comfortable during the whole process.  I feltmy health and energy improve immediately.  I am so grateful that I found Suite Retreat and became a client.!  Thanks Tammy!!!



I learned about Suite Retreat through Lifebooker, and I'm glad I decided to give it a try!  Rose made me feel very comfortable from the moment I arrived, and the whole experience was quite calm and soothing.  The setting is also very nice and clean (empasis on clean - super important!).  I've had a couple follow-up appointments since my first visit, and I've never been disappointed.  Rose is very personable, and she has a lot of knowledge to share from her years of experience with hydrotherapy.  Whether you are new to this treatment or have tried it in the past, you should definitely make an appointment to see Rose!



These guys are great!! I had never had a colonic before and Tammy made it relaxing, professional and comfortable (as this process could possibly be). A healing experience with caring staff, I would highly recommend Suite Retreat for whenever you need a little clean out!!



Suite Retreat's Rose Siano is a magician of sorts. Not only is my skin crystal clear as a result of my colon hydrotherapy, but my overall outlook is more positive as well. I feel lighter and more energized with every treatment. With over ten years of experience, her unique ability to make clients feel completely comfortable and relaxed is just the beginning. Rose Siano also uses aromatherapy and shiatsu throughout the treatment to enhance the cleansing process. Clients leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and of course, cleansed. Rose works with each client to develop a plan consisting of colonics, diet, supplements and activities to best suit each individual.



As a guy I was originally hesitant in going for a colonic but after doing research and getting a good deal online from Rose I just said what the heck you have nothing to lose. So I went to Suite Retreat and from start to finish Rose guided me through the process. Taking away my initial stress and worries. I have been 3 times and couldn't have been happier. Rose is a professional and knows her stuff and industry well. I recommend her to everyone and suggest people do some research on colonics and see for themselves the benefits.



I have been coming here for 6 years and have been to many colon therapists over the years.  Rose surpasses any of those experiences.  She combines Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and a colonic all at once...AND she is kind and trustworthy.  It's a big thing to allow someone to basically stick a tube up your backside.  I used to have MAJOR issues with body aches and functioning normally.  Rose literally shifted the quality of my life and for that I will be forever grateful.  Oh yeah,  she makes this experience void of shame of discomfort. Oh yeah a second time...the space is VERY high end.  Most treatment facilities are a little grungy and frankly....weird.  This is definitely a fancy spa experience.

A word on the hater from Sanavita Spa who posted below. I just read your transparent review of Suite Retreat and I gotta say it smacks of bullying and bad mouthing and referencing your own business. What bad business acumen Sanavita!  Karma has a long memory.

Take it from a consistent loyal client of Suite Retreat, this is THE BEST treatment experience.



Professional, informative, and relaxing... what more could you ask for.  Tammy is amazing!!!



I've been to other clinics for hydrotherapy before, but Rosie was by far the most gentle and skilled that I've had. She put me well at ease with her use of aromatherapy and talking through the procedure. I would definitely encourage a first-timer to visit her because of her respect for one's comfort level AND modesty. I'll be going back again very soon. Also, she made a huge effort to fit my schedule and even stayed late so I'd have time to make it there from Brooklyn.