Over 100 million Americans experience digestive problems. Using a highly personalized and intimate approach to individual health, Suite Retreat works with clients to ensure a well functioning and healthy digestive system.

We offer a complimentary overall digestive health assessment. Our digestive health counseling goal is to develop an individually tailored roadmap that ensures your long-term well-being. We combine education, coaching and supplemental services to get your mind and body in sync. We are known for our comfortable, relaxed, and nurturing environment as evident by our clients' testimonials.

"I didn't know how much my mind and body were suffering until Rose gave me my life back. After almost 10 years of battling chronic constipation with the stress of career and Manhattan living, it was like I found myself again.  Rose created an environment devoid of embarrassment. She worked with me closely, patiently, coaching me through dietary changes and lifestyle modifications, always making herself available. Session after session she healed my gut, and my emotional well-being has been transformed. My body, mood, and energy levels are thriving again. I can not say enough about her professionalism and mastery!!"  Sarah, August 2016

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1-on-1 Nutrition Counseling

Through a series of one-on-ones, this individually tailored program transforms both the body and mind. Retrain your taste buds and end those sugar cravings! Lose weight, feel invigorated and seize the life you've always wanted.

30-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

Re-awaken your passion for life with a results-driven formula designed by Suite Retreat! Our 28 Day Challenge supports Body, Mind and Spirit. Learn techniques and practices for nourishing your body with nutrient rich foods, delicious shakes, and energy boosting snacks. You will hit your goals like never before because the full program integrates effortlessly into your daily life.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Our signature hydrotherapy uses the Woods Gravity Method while incorporating aromatherapy and shiatsu pressure points. The process gently flushes purified water through the colon to help the body eliminate excess waste and accumulation. The procedure is incredibly relaxing and ideal for the digestive system, skin and energy levels. Many experience weight loss. 

To best prepare for your colonic, it is recommended to avoid dairy products and carbonated beverages in the days leading up to the session. Remember, drink plenty of water everyday.

Detoxifying Foot Soak

Purify the body with Himalayan Sea Salts. An ionizer activates warm water to stimulate cells and remove cellular waste through the pores of the feet. The experience is simple, uplifting, and impactful. Regain clarity and energy while ridding the body of accumulated toxins.