Colon Hydrotherapy

Our signature colonic is done using the Woods Gravity Method, and incorporates aromatherapy essential oils and shiatsu into the experience. The process gently flushes purified water through the colon to help the body eliminate excess waste and accumulation. The procedure is relaxing and beneficial for one's digestive system, skin and energy levels. Many experience weight loss. Our spa-like environment is designed to make the process as soothing and comfortable as possible.


It is recommended to avoid dairy products (cheese, milk, etc.), sugars and carbonated beverages for a few days before your session, as this causes gas in the system. We do like clients to eat as they normally do so that we can determine how the body responds. Remember to drinks lots of water and eat nutrient rich foods every day. Generally we ask that you have a light meal about 2-3 hours prior to your session.

Detoxifying Foot Soak

Purify the body with Himalayan Sea Salts. An ionizer activates warm water to stimulate cells and remove cellular waste through the pores of the feet. The experience is simple, uplifting, and impactful. Regain clarity and energy while ridding the body of accumulated toxins.