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1-on-1 Nutritional Counseling
Through a series of one-on-ones, this individually tailored program transforms both the body and mind. Retrain your taste buds and end those sugar cravings! Lose weight, feel invigorated and seize the life you've always wanted.
$75.00 for 30-minute session
$150.00 for 50-minute session

30-Day Healthy Eating Challenge
Feel empowered by the support this challenge has to offer. Supplied with pure delicious snacks, all-natural energy boosts, and nutritional guidance from your counselors at Suite Retreat, you will create beneficial habits to last a lifetime.
Nutritional products plus coaching $450.00

Colon Hydrotherapy
Our signature colonic is done using the Woods Gravity Method, and incorporates aromatherapy and shiatsu pressure points.  The procedure is relaxing and beneficial for one's digestive system, skin and energy levels. 
$150.00 (Special pricing with packages).

Detoxifying Ionic Footsoak
Purify the body with Himalayan Sea Salts. An ionizer activates warm water to
stimulate cells and remove cellular waste through the pores of the feet. The experience is simple, uplifting, and impactful.

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